jfEnergy, formally Just Freehold Energy Corp, is a private Canadian energy company focused on integrating natural gas production and electrical power generation.  

We’re planning to increase our natural gas holdings with acquisitions of fields strategically located to fuel growth of our electrical power generation business; capitalizing on the need for new power generation as Alberta’s coal fired power plants are retired.

What differentiates jfEnergy is:

  • Unparalleled access to “local” development opportunity
    • Freehold mineral owners prefer to work with jfEnergy to develop their resources…in a just and mutually respectful manner.
  • Innovative pioneering spirit 
    • Like the early homesteaders jfEnergy is always looking to make this world a better place to live in, for example:
      • co-location of electrical power generation plants near our natural gas well sites (reducing natural gas processing/distribution and electrical infrastructure costs)
      • developing capability to supply exhaust gas (CO2 and water vapour) from our electrical generation plants and produced water from our coalbed gas wells to co-located greenhouses.