About Us

“Just” Pillars

Deal fairly with freehold mineral owners…as with all stakeholders (treating partners as if we were on their side of the deal…going for the “sustainable” win-win)

Respect the environment (leave the world in a better state than when we came into it)

Create an abundance of sustainable “local” energy, water and food supplies (base standard of living for all)

Deal Fairly...the Freehold Friendly Petroleum & Natural Gas Lease

By treating freeholders fairly (e.g. freehold-friendly lease) and offering freehold owners opportunities to participate in developing their own and other freeholders’ mineral rights, jfEnergy has positioned itself as the developer of choice for freehold owners and has secured many good development opportunities.

jfEnergy worked with the not-for-profit, Freehold Owners Association (FHOA), to develop the freehold-friendly mineral lease standard and for the past decade has been leading the industry in adopting these fair freehold leasing practices.